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The FCGMA is a public agency charged with the management of groundwater resources in the southwestern portion of Ventura County, California. The FCGMA is funded by fees paid by those who extract groundwater within the Agency boundaries. The fees are used to administer and manage the groundwater resource. This page contains the following reports: (1) Annual Reports, (2) Basin Management Objectives (BMOs) Report Cards, (3) the most recent financial audits, and (4) other reports as determined necessary.

The purpose of the Annual Report was to present a synopsis of a given year’s technical, administrative, and financial groundwater resource management activities.


GSP Annual Reports

Section 356.2 of the GSP Emergency Regulations sets forth the requirements for preparation and submittal of annual reports; following adoption of a GSP, the Regulations require that an annual report for the prior water year be submitted to the Department of Water Resources by April 1 of each year. Annually, with our qualified contractor, Agency staff prepares the GSP Annual Reports for the Oxnard Subbasin, Pleasant Valley Basin and Las Posas Valley Basin in accordance with GSP Emergency Regulations. The Annual Reports include groundwater condition data presented in the form of groundwater elevation contour maps, basin storage change figures, water level hydrographs and aquifer production maps. The Annual Reports created post GSP adoption can be viewed and downloaded from the Agency website on the GSP page:


Other Data

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Annual Report Archive


BMO Report Card Archive


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Other Reports

  • Las Posas Conjunctive Use Study, Phase 2 Final Report (14 January 2015)