Fox Canyon GMA


Groundwater Management Agency

Board of Directors

Board Member Appointments

The FCGMA is governed by five Board Members. They represent the (1) County of Ventura, (2) the  United Water Conservation District, (3) the seven small water districts within the Agency (Alta Mutual Water Company, Pleasant Valley County Water District, Berylwood Mutual Water Company, Calleguas Municipal Water District, Camrosa Water District, Zone Mutual Water Company, and Del Norte Mutual Water Company), (4) the five incorporated cities within the Agency (Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Port Hueneme, and Moorpark), and (5) the farmers.

Each Board Member has an alternate, and all members serve a two-year term. All Board Members are appointed by their respective organizations or groups, except for the farmer representatives. They are appointed by the other four seated members from a list of at least five (5) candidates jointly supplied by the Ventura County Farm Bureau (VCFB) and the Ventura County Agricultural Association (VCAA). Board Members are not paid by the Agency.

To learn more on the Board member selection process please visit the Fox Canyon Enabling Legislation AB 2995.

RepresentativeTerm ExpirationsCurrent Board MemberCurrent Alternate Term Expires
Farmers RepresentativeEven Years David Borchard  Michael Craviotto 02-28-2026
Five Cities RepresentativeEven Years Tony TrembleyBert Perello 02-28-2026
United Water Conservation DistrictEven Years Lynn Maulhardt Sheldon Berger 02-28-2026
Ventura County Board of SupervisorsOdd Years Kelly Long (Vice Chair) Vianey Lopez 02-28-2025
Small Water DistrictsOdd Years Eugene F. West (Chair) Raul Avila 02-28-2025

Past and Present Board Members and Alternates

RepresentativePositionAgencyTerm of Office
Andrews, NealAlternateCities2/09-2/12, 2/14-2/18
Bennett, SteveAlternateCounty2/01-2/03 & 1/04-2/09
Board MemberCounty2/03-1/04; 1/09-2/13; 2/13-2/15; 2/15 – 2/17, 2/17 – 2/19, 2/19-2/2021
Borchard, DavidBoard MemberAgricultural2/05-2/12, 2/14-2/18, 2/18-2-20, 2/20-2/24, 2/24-
Buford, TomAlternateCities12/92-2/95
Board MemberCities2/95-11/95
Bush, SandiAlternateCities2/87-2/89
Carpenter, OrveneAlternateCities2/95-11/95
Board MemberCities12/95-11/96
Conroy, MichaelAlternateAgricultural2/91-1/93 & 2/03-2/07
Board MemberAgricultural2/93-2/03
Craven, CharlotteAlternateCities2/99-12/99 & 2/01-2/05
Board MemberCities12/99-2/01 & 2/05-2/12, 2/12-2/14, 2/14-2/18, 2/18-2/20
Daniels, JamesAlternateCities2/91-12/92
Board MemberCities12/92-11/94
Dullam, TomAlternateUWCD2/83-2/85
Board MemberUWCD2/85-10/85
Eranio, RobertBoard MemberUWCD2/13-2/15; 2/15 – 2/17, 2/17 – 10/19
Michael MobleyAlternateUWCD2/17 – 7/2022
 Board MemberUWCD10/19-2/2022
Esty, BillAlternateCities1/83-9/83
Board MemberCities9/83-2/87
Flynn, JohnAlternateCounty2/03-1/04
Board MemberCounty1/83-2/03 & 1/04-1/09
Fox, AlBoard MemberSmall Water Districts2/01-2/07
Gramckow, JurgenBoard MemberAgricultural2/91-5/91
Grether, BobBoard MemberSmall Water Districts1/83-2/93
Henson, HarrietBoard MemberCities1/83-9/83
Kaihara, CraigAlternateUWCD2/85-2/89
Board MemberAgricultural2/93-2/97
Kelley, Dr. MichaelBoard MemberSmall Water Districts2/07-2/13, 2/13-2/15
Lacey, SusanAlternateCounty1/83-2/01
Maulhardt, DeanAlternateCities11/95-11/96
Board MemberCities11/96-2/97
Maulhardt, LynnBoard MemberUWCD10/85-2/13, 2/13-2/15; 2/15 – 2/17; 2/22 – 2/24; 2/24 –
McIntyre, SamAlternateSmall Water Districts2/91-2/93, 12/99-1/01 & 2/01-2/13
Board MemberSmall Water Districts2/93-12/99 & 1/01-2/01
McWherter, JohnAlternateCities1/83-2/87
Board MemberCities2/87-2/91
Mikos, RoseannBoard MemberCities2/01-2/05
Miller, PatrickAlternateSmall Water Districts2/93-2/95
Naumann, DanielAlternateUWCD2/95-2/13; 2/21/2/22
Nichols, ErnieAlternateSmall Water Districts1/83-2/89
Nishimori, RoyBoard MemberAgricultural2/83-2/91

Orr, Roger

Perello, Bert

AlternateSmall Water Districts2/97-2/01
Board MemberSmall Water Districts12/99-1/01
AlternateCities10/19-2/20, 2/20-2/2024, 2/24 – 
Perello, EugeneBoard MemberUWCD1/83-2/85
Rosenbluth, MurrayBoard MemberCities12/99-2/01 & 2/05-2/09
Sakioka, ArtAlternateSmall Water Districts2/89-2/91
Schwabauer, DavidAlternateAgricultural2/97-2/03 & 2/07-2/12, 2/14-7/16
Board MemberAgricultural2/03-2/05
Takasugi, NaoAlternateCities2/87-2/91
Board MemberCities2/91-7/92
Terry, JoeAlternateUWCD2/89-2/95

Tingstrom, Jack

Trembley, Anthony

Board MemberCities12/98-12/99
Underwood, CraigAlternateSmall Water Districts2/01-2/03
Waters, AndrewAlternateSmall Water Districts2/13-2/15; 2/15- 2/17, 2/17-2/19, 2/19-2/2023
West, Eugene F.Board MemberSmall Water Districts 2/15 – 2/17, 2/17 – 2/19, 2/19-2/2025
Williams, DurstonAlternateSmall Water Districts2/95-2/97
Terry, WilliamAlternateAgricultural7/16-2/18, 2/18-2/20, 2/20-2/2023
Zaragoza, JohnAlternateCounty2/09-2/13, 2/13-2/15; 2/15 – 2/17, 2/17-2/19, 2/19-2/2021


*Alternate for UWCD vacant 10/2019 to 02/2020

Alternate for Agricultural vacant 1/83 to 2/91

*Board member for City vacant 7/92 to 12/92

*City Alternate vacant 11/96-2/97

*Small Water Co. Alternate vacant 1/01-02/01

*In 2008, terms for the Agricultural & Cities Representatives were staggered ending in even years, while the representatives for UWCD, County of Ventura, and Small Water Districts end in odd years.