Application to Drill a Well

FCGMA Water Well Permit Application – No cost or charge for permit. Required for all wells within Agency boundaries. (Replaces NLP application.)

Additionally, you will need to contact the County of Ventura for a well permit application. Permits are required for all wells, regardless of type, in every area in the County of Ventura except the City of Oxnard. Contact the City of Oxnard for well permits within the city boundary.

Well Registration

Groundwater Extraction Facility Registration Form– Meets requirements of the FCGMA Ordinance Code, Chapter 2 to register a well.

Authorization Form – Allows well owner to designate responsibility to another person or entity.

Flowmeter Forms

Flowmeter Update Form

Approved Flowmeter Calibration Contractors

Flowmeter Exemption Form

Flowmeter Calibration Waiver / Extension Application

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Update Form

Allocation Applications and Transfer Requests

Application for Transfer of Historical Extraction Allocation – Transfer allocation to a new owner or operator.

Application for Baseline Allocation – Apply for new or additional extraction allocations for a parcel.

Application for Assignment of Baseline Allocation – Assign Baseline Allocation to a water purveyor.

OPV Allocation Transfer Application – Transfer allocation (Fillable PDF)

Additional Requirements Form – Agricultural (Fillable PDF)

Additional Requirements Form – Domestic (Fillable PDF)

Additional Requirements Form – M&I (Fillable PDF)

Oxnard and Pleasant Valley (OPV) New Extraction Allocation

Application for Correction, Transfer, or Variance – Apply for a correction, transfer of allocation, or additional extraction allocation (Fillable PDF)

Application for Correction, Transfer, or Variance – (Printable PDF)