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Las Posas Valley Watermaster

Water Year 2023 Basin Assessments

On December 15, 2023, the Watermaster approved a Basin Assessment for Water Year 2023-24 (WY2023).  Unlike FCGMA fees, Basin Assessments are based on a Water Right Holder’s Annual Allocation rather than the amount of groundwater extracted during a reporting period.  The amount of the WY2023 Basin Assessment is $64/AF of Allocation and will be invoiced in two equal installments ($32/AF).   The first installment will be invoiced the week of March 4 and is due by April 5, 2024 (Due Date).  The Second installment will be invoiced the week of June 3 and is due by July 1, 2024 (Due Date).  Installment payments not received within a month of their respective Due Date are considered delinquent and shall bear interest at the current real property tax delinquency rate for Ventura County per the Judgment.


Notice of Basin Assessment: 

Notice for Mutual Water Companies and Mutual Exclusive Shareholders:


WY 2023 Allocation Calculations: