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Confirmation and Correction of WMID Information

The LPV Judgment requires each Water Right Holder to confirm or correct its WMID information set forth in the LPV Adjudication Exhibit C: Groundwater Allocation Schedule: “On or before August 1, 2023, each Water Right Holder shall send a written notice to Watermaster, which all be attested under penalty of perjury, that shall either: (i) confirm that the information set forth in the Groundwater Allocation Schedule pertaining to the WMID(s) assigned to them is true and correct to the best of their knowledge; or (ii) identify any errors regarding such information and how the information should be corrected.”  (LPV Judgment, § 4.3.1.)  Requested corrections are subject to contest by any LPV Adjudication party and investigation by the Watermaster.  (LPV Judgment, § 4.3.1.) 

Failure to confirm or correct WMID information prohibits a Water Right Holder from using groundwater: “No Water Right Holder may Use Groundwater during the 2023 Water Year or thereafter until the aforementioned notice is submitted to the Watermaster.”  (LPV Judgment, § 4.3.1.)

The LPV Watermaster has prepared a “WMID Information Notice Form” for Water Rights Holders to confirm or request correction of their WMID information included in the LPV Judgment Exhibit C: Groundwater Allocation Schedule. The LPV Judgment Exhibit C: Groundwater Allocation Schedule and the WMID Information Notice Form are provided below.  Water Right Holders should complete and return the form to the LPV Watermaster at as soon as possible to ensure they are able to use groundwater under the LPV Judgment in the 2023 Water Year.

Exhibit C: Groundwater Allocation Schedule

WMID Notice of Confirmation Form

Please direct questions regarding the requirement to confirm or correct WMID information to the Watermaster at

Water Year 2023-24 LPV Adjudication Allocations Calculation Update

The LPV Judgment grants water right allocations to parties for the use of groundwater from the Las Posas Valley Groundwater Basin, as defined by the LPV Judgment (Basin). These water right allocations replace the extraction/pumping allocations of owners and operators under FCGMA’s “An Ordinance to Establish an Extraction Allocation System for the Las Posas Valley Groundwater Basin” (LPV Allocation Ordinance).  The LPV Allocation Ordinance and all other FCGMA ordinances continue to apply to groundwater extraction occurring outside of the Basin. 

Water right allocations are calculated annually by applying the formulas set forth in Exhibit D to the LPV Judgment.  Generally, allocations are the product of a water right holder’s allocation basis and the Basin’s operating yield in a given water year.  Therefore, as the Basin’s operating yield changes from water year to water year, allocation calculations will also change.  Allocation bases are set forth in Exhibit C to the LPV Judgment, and the operating yield for Water Years 2023 and 2024 will be 40,000 acre-feet.  (LPV Judgment, §  In future water years, the Basin’s operating yield will be determined with the preparation of basin optimization yield studies.  (LPV Judgment, § 4.10.)

Under the LPV Judgment, allocations calculations are not final until the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) nominated by the Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) first consults on them.  (See LPV Judgment, § 4.2, Exhibit A: Watermaster Rules, § 2.9.)  TAC members are paid from basin assessments.  (LPV Judgment, § 6.11.2.)  At this time, the PAC has not nominated TAC members and the Watermaster has not appointed TAC members, TAC member consultant agreements have not been negotiated, and the TAC has not consulted on the draft WY 2023 allocation calculations.  The Watermaster estimates TAC consultation on the WY 2023 allocations calculation will be completed in February 2024.

Water right holders may estimate their WY 2023 allocations by applying the formulas in Exhibit D of the LPV Judgment, using their allocation bases included in Exhibit C of the LPV Judgment.  Please note that estimates should be used for planning purposes only, and final WY 2023 allocation calculations will govern water right holders’ extraction and use.  Once TAC consultation is complete, water right holders will be notified that the final WY 2023 allocations calculation is available on the Watermaster’s website. 

Please direct questions regarding the draft WY 2023 allocations calculation to the Watermaster at

Constituency Group Designation List 

Constituency Group Designation List – Oct. 16, 2023