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Groundwater Management Agency

General Information

Irrigation Allowance Index (IAI) Tools

Crop Year 2020/2021 Irrigation Allowance Index (IAI) Application

 Fallow or Non-Irrigated Land Allowance Application (Crop Year 2015/2016)

Training Videos

Water Planning Tool (Starting Crop Year 2014/2015)

Crop Year Irrigation Allowance Table  (Starting August 1, 2014)

Example IAI Map (Using the GIS Mapping Tool

Step-by-Step Instructions)

Example Calculations for Determining Exceedance of Agency-Wide Cap

Irrigation Efficiency Task 2.1

Irrigation Efficiency Task 2.2

Workshop Information

Irrigation Allowance Index Workshop Presentation (January 30, 2015)

Irrigation Allowance Index Workshop Presentation (July 10, 2014)

Topics discussed at the workshops were the following:

  • Irrigation Allowance Index program
  • Irrigation Allowance Index Applications
  • How to calculate surcharges for overpumping
  • Fallow Land Allowance
  • Resources available to you