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Groundwater Management Agency

At the March 27, 2024 regular Board meeting, the Board approved the committee assignments for 2024. The three committees are (1) Executive; (2) Operations; and (3) Fiscal.

(Committee meetings are scheduled as needed.)

FCGMA Board Member Appointments and Committee Assignments: Excerpted from 3/27/24 Official Summary Minutes

Director Trembley moved to nominate a continuance of term for Chair West, and to nominate Director Long as Vice Chair. Director Maulhardt seconded the motion. Via roll call vote, the motion was unanimously approved.

Chair West asked for Board comments on committee assignments for the Agency’s Executive Committee, Operations Committee, and Fiscal Committee.

The Board agreed they will serve as follows:

  • Executive Committee: Chair West and Director Long
  • Operations Committee: Director Borchard and Director Maulhardt
  • Fiscal Committee: Chair West and Director Trembley


Note: Committee meetings are audio recorded only. Minutes are made available when approved by the Committee.