Advanced Metering Infrastructure System Credit Registration Form

Owners and operators of an agricultural extraction facility in the Oxnard Basin may receive credit for installing Advanced Metering Infrastructure provided through a grant from NRCS and additional credit by joining Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency’s (FCGMA) Water Market Phase II Pilot Program.

Eligibility requirements: A well that is not in compliance with Agency regulations or has associated outstanding fees or fines is not eligible for the incentive until brought back into compliance with all outstanding payments received.

Please complete the information below to register for the credit.

Owner/Operator Information
Request to Participate in the Water Market?
To participate in the Water Market an operator must:
  • Pay an enrollment fee of $700 for the first well and $400 for each additional well in the CombCode
  • Be in compliance with all FCGMA ordinances & regulations
  • Not have incurred surcharges in 2014/15
  • Be approved by the FCGMA Executive Officer
  • Be in compliance with Exchange Administrator rules and regulations
  • To be eligible all wells within the Combcode must:
    • Be within the Oxnard Basin
    • Be in compliance with all FCGMA ordinances & regulations
    • Have AMI Installed
Please enter well infortation before submitting