Wednesday March 21, 2018


Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) & Water Market

Save the Date! March 27, 2018 - AMI and Water Market Workshop

The FCGMA Board has adopted a new ordinance requiring AMI on all metered wells. (AMI is an integrated system for communicating information on well operations and other sensors for improved irrigation efficiencies.) The ordinance first applies to Agricultural wells with a December 31, 2018 deadline for AMI installation. M&I wells will have until October 1, 2019, and all other metered wells October 1, 2020. The ordinance was drafted to make it easy for systems that already installed AMI or SCADA to comply. Agricultural wells that need to install AMI have an opportunity to receive incentive funding to have AMI installed on their wells.

Up to $3500 is available to well owners for the installation of AMI on agricultural wells. FCGMA has received a Conservation Innovation Grant from the Natural Resources Conservations Services to implement a Water Market and AMI. The FCGMA’s Operation Committee has recommended Ranch Systems’ devices for the AMI to be implemented under this grant. To learn more about the AMI offered under this grant please visit 

Incentives up to $2500 per well are currently available to all well owners who the need to have AMI installed. To be eligible, your well must be in compliance with all GMA regulations including calibration, and have no unpaid fees or fines. To review your well’s compliance status please log into . To apply online use the form below, or click here 

Agricultural owners in the Forebay and Oxnard Plain basins may participate in the Pilot Water Market and be eligible for rebates up to $3500 per well on the installation of AMI. The pilot program will run through the 2017-18 water year and end July 30, 2018. To be eligible a participant must have installed the designated AMI telemetry on all extraction facilities within a combcode, have had no surcharges in the 14/15 water year, and be in compliance with all FCGMA ordinances and regulations with no unpaid fees or fines. Eligibility is subject to FCGMA approval. To review your well’s compliance status please log into For more information see the Water Market Pilot Rules and Regulations see the links below.

Do not delay, this incentive is only available to the first 100 approved applications or May 30, 2018, whichever comes first.

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