Thursday February 25, 2021

John K. Flynn Award

water-background-vector-81876John K. Flynn

Groundwater Stewardship


In 2003, the Groundwater Stewardship Award was established to honor long time County Supervisor and former FCGMA Director John K. Flynn for his many accomplishments and contributions to the Agency.

This award recognizes an individual or entity that contributed the most to protecting groundwater, enhancing water quality, or assisting  the FCGMA in efforts to manage the water resources in this area. 

*Please submit nominations for the Board's consideration by the first Monday in March. The recipient is announced at the Association of Water Agencies of Ventura County's Annual Water Symposium & Exposition in April.

 Award Recipients

2016 - Carol Schoen

2015 - Samuel A. McIntyre

2014 - E. Michael Solomon

2013 - PWA, Water and Sanitation Department

2012 - Susan Mulligan

2011 - Calleguas Municipal Water District

2010 - Camrosa Water District Flynn Plaque 2003 2014

2009 - John Mathews

2008 - Dana Wisehart

2007 - Dr. Lowell Preston

2006 - Dr. Steve Bachman

2005 - Phil Drescher

2004 - Jurgen Gramckow

2003 - John K. Flynn